Dealer FAQ

PW Brands International FAQ

Q: How do orders ship from factory?
A: All orders are shipped ocean freight FOB China. We can assist you with logistics
planning if necessary.

Q: What is the factory direct price?
A: Our international price list represents all products shipped from our China factory
and all duties and transport charges paid by customer.

Q: What if I order from the USA warehouse?
A: All products shipped from the USA warehouse will be billed at our international
price PLUS 10%, PLUS shipping to customer.

Q: What is the order lead time from the China factory?
A: Most products are in-stock in our China factory so lead time is packaging time (3-
5 days) plus ocean transport time.

Q: What if products are NOT in stock?
A: Average production time for products is 1-2 weeks depending upon quantity,
product and materials availability.

Q: How do I pay for my goods?
A: For in-stock products, order balance is due in full at time of shipment by credit
card or bank wire transfer. If products are non-stock and being manufactured for
customer, payment terms are 30% deposit at time of order, balance due at time of
shipment by credit card or bank wire transfer. All prices and payments are to be made in
U.S. Dollars.

Q: How will we handle any warranty issues for the 5 years?
A: We will honor all product warranties for 5 years from the time of sale to

Q: Who will handle any install questions?
A: Telephone translation and/or installation manual translation services will be
provided at the expense of PW Brands LLC to the distributor/customer.

Q: Are speakers pre-installed?
A: Yes, we pre-install speakers that conform to the same specifications as our US
speaker assemblies.

Q: Is there a minimum purchase amount?
A: All products shipped from our China factory can be shipped in a loose or full
container with a minimum order amount of $5,000 U.S. Dollars. Please contact PW
Brands for minimum quantities for specific parts.


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