Design & Development

PW Brands works with experienced designers to provide a complete suite services to assist you in bringing your product ideas from initial concept through to market. Our team will help you develop a new idea or improve upon an existing design or product. Our expertise helps us identify product and category opportunities within markets based upon the need for better features, price points or more effective marketing and promotion. In conjunction with our care fu ally vetted strategic partners and high-valued suppliers overseas, we can transform your current manufacturing processes, logistics and distribution capabilities while reducing production times and supply chain expenses.

Stryker SG600 CAD Design

Stryker SG600 CAD Design

Design & Development

Working with design engineers selected by PW Brands for their experience, we focus our product development process on increasing your revenue through the development and launch of innovative products that meet market needs. We tailor our vertically integrated process specifically to this task. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a small business or an entrepreneur, we will help you to:

  • Expand or revise your existing product lines
  • Enter new product categories
  • Complement your internal resources
  • Leverage our expertise, speed, and processes for successful product launches
  • Innovate and emerge as a leader in your category
  • Solve a challenging design problem
  • Grow revenue through product innovation

FreeRide Bimini Design

Our experience allows a rapid, streamlined development process that helps you beat your competitors to market and increase your revenue. Explore the main phases of our process.

We understand that start-ups and entrepreneurs can be very different from well-established corporations. We listen to your ideas and aspirations. Your passion is a necessity and we assist with our business acumen. Every client has specific budget limitations, unique needs and different levels of experience with the product development process. For that reason, we have specially-tailored our product development services to dynamically match individual client needs.

Our consumer product clients have incredible pressure to develop innovative products quicker, with higher quality and within manufactured cost targets. PW Brands has responded to help improve the effectiveness of their product innovation project investments.

  • Product Viability & Assessment
  • Product Design/Prototype
  • Product Launch

We also minimize your risk by taking a holistic approach to product development; not just prototyping, or just product design, or just engineering, but all steps of the development process from front end research to manufacturing coordination. We work with manufacturers and designers who meet our clients’ needs. By using independent contractors, we can provide the expertise you need from a variety of sources. You deserve to be informed about the reality of innovation to reap the highest return. We help you grow your product innovation on a solid foundation:

  1. Know the market
  2. Design the right product (features and price)
  3. Have a solid plan for distribution and marketing



Aerial FreeRide Rotating Rack Design

Aerial FreeRide Rotating Rack Design

Effective design engineering combined with total project management leads to a smooth transition to manufacturing. Once the design direction is set, our strategic engineer partner takes a lead role in determining functional specifications and making cost and ergonomic optimizations. Since they’ve been part of the project from the start, there are no problems with the traditional transition and information exchanges from designers to engineers that delay product development.

We have created complex mechanisms with several dozen moving parts and developed products to withstand the most grueling environmental conditions. Working with our experienced professionals, have engineered devices under the most rigid compliance specifications with ease and precision. We optimize products to remove every unnecessary cent from the manufacturing cost.

  • Advanced Computer Aided Design
  • Revise CAD database, incorporating optimizations from prototypes
  • Perform DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)
  • Design review with Marketing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Design, and Packaging
  • Modify/Refine CAD database based on reviews
  • Create Functional Appearance Prototype
  • Perform prototype testing
  • Create Design Documentation including Drawings, Product Specs, and Test Specs
  • Review Manufacturing plan with client